Please fill out your health history form in advance of your visit. Doing so helps your therapist have time to review your charts before your appointment and leaves more time for hands on treatment.


It is ideal to come a few minutes before your actual start time. When you arrive at the building you can come in and wait in the hallway until the patient ahead of you has left. You may use the bathroom down the hall or just relax. You are also welcome to use the waiting room on the other side of the building located at the 6th Street entrance. If we don’t see you by your appointment time we will call or text you. Also if you are arriving outside normal business hours the exterior door may be locked. We will come and get you once we are free from our prior patient. 


Your RMT will take you into the treatment room and go over your health history form, massage preferences, as well as perform assessment and create a treatment plan. They will then leave the room to allow you to undress. We find that most people undress to their underwear (women usually remove their bras), some remove all clothing, and others prefer keeping more clothing on (such as pants or socks on if they run cold) — it is entirely up to you, your comfort level, and which areas you would like massaged skin-to-skin vs through fabric. You will then cover yourself with the flat linen sheet and blanket, lying on your stomach with your face in the head rest unless your therapist advises otherwise. Once the therapist comes back they will call out to confirm you are ready and covered by the linens. Please respond clearly so they hear you. 

During the treatment, you may let the therapist know at any point if you would like to alter the treatment in anyway or stop the treatment entirely. This can include areas being treated, pressure being used, use of heat, and many other variables within the treatment. This is your treatment and you are in control.


Once the treatment is over, the therapist will leave the room to allow you to dress in private (even if you are comfortable getting up and dressing with us there, we are not and prefer having that boundary in place with you). If you have low blood pressure or a history of feeling faint or fainting, take a moment sitting up before you stand up. When you’re ready, call out or open the curtains to indicate to your RMT that you are ready for them to come back. They will then go over any required follow-up. Feel free to ask your therapist any additional questions you may have at this point. There will also be time to book future appointments at this time if you wish.  You may also rehydrate to replenish any fluids lost during the massage. There is a water machine and glasses for you to use. 


We currently offer direct billing to all major extended health care plans. This includes Pacific Blue Cross, Greenshield, Medavie (RCMP, Veterans, Bluecross), Claims Exchange (Equitable Life), and the Telus eHealth Group (which includes many plans including but not limited to Canada Life, Chamber of Commerce, Manulife and Sunlife). 


Our preferred method of payment is debit card or cash. We can also accept Visa or MasterCard 


Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will result in the full charge of the appointment fee. If you book an appointment within the 24-hour time frame, the policy is in effect right away.

To cancel, you may do so through your account (contact us if you can’t log in and we will send you a reset email). You will have to contact your RMT if it is within 24 hours of your appointment time: 


90 minutes $185. (176.19 + GST)

75 minutes $150 ($142.8 + GST)

60 minutes $120 ($114.29 + GST

45 minutes $95 ($90.48 + GST

30 minutes $67 ($63.81 + GST)

*30 minute appointments are not available for online booking – please email to book – not recommended for first visits 

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